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Some days are dubbed ”the day of the WORST VIDEOS EVER” … with good reason.
But then it would follow that there are days where everything just works.
Today is one of those…

The hits just kept rolling in this morning and I just gotta share! The awesomness just won’t stop today – it just won’t!

My morning started off with two gorgeous music videos.

First off Katy Perry’s Unconditionally:

After that a BEAUTIFUL collaboration between Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World:

As if this wouldn’t just fill my cup of awesome for the day PINK shared another little tidbit. A Capella done right is awsome!

Finally – to finish your day off rolling on the floor laughing your brains out – here’s a little something C stumbled over this morning! =)

Who needs long, heartfelt posts with lots of words on days like this – when the pictures really do say it all! <3