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I am one.

I am one and yet I feel like I am many.

I am one, and yet I feel the fire of thousands of souls, lives and experiences tearing hate and ignorance to shreds. Constantly reminding me of what is right – not of what is easy or right by social standards of this very day – but of what is truly right.

I am one, and yet I wish I were many so this fire could actually be released upon the world and good be done.

I am one, who wishes she knew what to do with this burning fire that so fiercly drives her to be better and refuses to  let the anxiety fade until greatness has been accomplished. And by that, greatness of today’s social standards is not meant.
By that, greatness and success that can only be measured by the good it does, is meant.

I am one, and the implications of these words have never seemed quite so exiling and – to my great dismay – hopeless before.

I am one, who prays there might be just a single shred of understanding left in our very fortunate existance that can inspire to see past the trivialities of our fairly shallow lives and see more to our existance than ourselves. Nothing in our existance is centered around one being – so why should we pretend it is?

No matter how we diguise it the truth will remain the truth, no matter when or how we deal with it. Not dealing with it at all is not even a viable option.
Nothing in our lives is freed from any human contact, so why on earth should we pretend that it is and by that further pretend as though no other human matters?
By acknowledging other lives’ significance we acknowledge our own.

I am one, who does not patronize others by suggesting she has something to teach.

I am one who simply  wishes she could help bring out a mutual understanding between all men that on its own would illuminate what is truly right.

I am one, who feels as though she has been watching this world tear itself apart with greed, ignorance, hatred, hybris, fear and unappreciation for centuries. Unable to do anything. Tied up, silenced, and at the same time screaming at the top of her lungs, and still whitnessing…nothing. No change. Simply centuries of man learning nothing at all.

I am one…